For quick and easy cleaning of oil stains on concrete car parks and driveways without the need for water or lost time due to closing the area, use ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner.

ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner is a fine, dry powder that is simply swept over, and into, the oil stained concrete. The powder is so fine that it gets into the pores of the concrete, this allows the enzymes to break down the oil molecules deep in the concrete and clean away the oil. The hydrocarbons are brokendown, mostly into carbon dioxide and some water vapour. The powder is left in the pores so that the enzymes can continue to work. There is an immediate improvement in the appearance of the concrete because of the grey powder, and over time the enzymes break down the oil that has soaked deep into the concrete.

Heavy stains with a build up of oil and dirt may need scraping as well as extra treatments and possibly degreasing. ReKRETE works best when the concrete is worn/weathered or has a "broom" finish, as this exposes the pores and allows the ReKRETE to get into the concrete, to where the oil is.

For continually oil free, slip free and clean concrete car parks, driveways, loading bays etc. regular maintenance applications are recommended.

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ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner

For removing organic waste from ponds, drains, grease traps, septics & sewers BZT Waste Digester is simply poured down the drain at regular intervals.

This can be done manually or with an automatic dosing machine. The enzymes break down the complex molecules and the simple molecules are then eaten by the bacteria. Waste from this process is mostly water vapour, cabon dioxide and some harmless solids.

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United-Tech's BZT Waste Digester

For remediating heavy hydrocarbon waste from soil, gravel, water and other materials OBT Oil Degradation Treatment is applied.

The site is prepared by aerating and watering. The OBT Oil Degradation Treatment containing specific enzymes and bacteria is then added to the contaminated material Xtra-Wet may be added to break up the hydrocarbons. A schedule of aeration, watering and further applications is then followed until the oil waste has been consumed. This may be in as little as two months.

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United-Tech's OBT Oil Degradation Treatment