Biological Oil Removal is dedicated to providing an effective, economical and safe solution to your hydrocarbon and organic waste problems by supplying natural enzymes and bacteria to breakdown your waste and clean away your problems.

ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner is a dry powder that contains natural cleaners and enzymes to breakdown and clean oil stained concrete. It is quick, simple and safe to apply. There is no waste and no water is used. ReKRETE is the ideal maintenance product for oil stained concrete carparks and driveways.

Biological Oil Removal is the sole Queensland distributor of ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner.

United-Tech produce a range of bacterial products to clean drains, grease traps, septic systems, industrial oil separators, oil contaminated soil and more.

Chemicals (soaps and detergents) allow you lift the waste from the surface and then to wash it away with lots of water, but it is still waste and it still has to go somewhere...

When you wash it away the waste still gets stuck to the drain lines causing blockages and odours, it still over loads our sewer system, it still gets washed into the storm water/creek/river system, it still gets dumped on land to pollute the soil and water.

The solution to problematic waste is - eat it!

All these waste products, both hydrocarbon and organic, can be broken down by enzymes and eaten by bacteria, this is what happens naturally in sewer and septic systems, as well as in the natural environment. Biological Oil Removal can supply enzymes and bacteria to speed up this natural process.